Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Cakes

As a young child, birthdays were a big deal. We didn't have a lot of money to spend on big elaborate parties, but my mother still made us feel very special. She would create for us unique birthday cakes from scratch. She made trains, cars, princesses, panda bears, clowns, balloons and many more I was probably too young to remember. Naturally, when I had my own children, I felt this tradition must be continued.

Our youngest boy just turned two last weekend so I figured I would share with you his cake and some of the cakes from years past.

This was the first cake I actually made from scratch (normally, to save time, I buy a cake mix). It was a banana bread like cake with cream cheese icing. It turned out really well and he enjoyed it. Bananas are one of the 1st things he asks for every morning and then often throughout the day. It seemed a fitting choice.

Graeme's 2nd birthday
The Banana Cake
(June 2010)

Here are some of the other cakes from years past.

Graeme received what we now call "Bunny Bunny" from his Auntie Erin when he was born and it never leaves his side at night. He loved it so much we made it a cake. It's hard to tell here but the bunny body is actually sculpted slightly to look like the blanket material.

Graeme's 1st birthday
"Bunny Bunny"
(June 2009)

This is our foster child's year two cakes. He already got his hands on it by the time this photo was taken. Another hit! 

We don't have permission to show his photo/name on this blog just yet so bear with me.

Dino's 2nd birthday
Little Cars
(May 2010)

I am missing his year 1 cake photos, but we made little cupcake clowns. They were cute with their cotton candy hair, gumball noses and mini ice cream cone hats. Packed with refined sugars (not the norm in our house)!

This cake was so much fun to make. I think I would try fondant for this type of cake in the future.

Owen's 5th birthday
Super Mario
(January 2010)

I am missing a few photos of Owen's cakes as well. Either broken camera or simply too busy and forgot (oops).

Year 4 we made cupcake ice cream cones with a teddy bear beach decoration on to. We went to a pool for his party, so the teddy grahams in their gummy lifesavers and fruit by the foot towels went over very well.

This one was a great idea, but I would do a lot different next time. I made the mistake of pushing the masts (made from kabob skewers) right through the cake. This made the cake weak and it began to split.

You can see me pouring set jello around the base as the water. That went okay, but for obvious reasons it's the last thing you do.

The sides had cannons with sparklers coming out, which really added to the effect. On the ship are little lego pirate people.

Owen's 3rd birthday
Pirate Ship
(January 2008)

This was may have been one of the easier cakes to make because there wasn't much sculpting involved. It was really fun to decorate. It's hard to see here but the stack has popcorn smoke. I thought that was neat.

Owen's 2nd birthday
Train cake
(January 2007)

Once again I am missing a photo of one of Owen's cakes (poor kid). Year 1 was a caterpillar. I borrowed a bunt cake pan from a friend and cut the cake in half. Once standing on end the two bumps made the body nicely. The bumpy texture from the pan made it easy to convert to a cute creepy crawly.

This cake belonged to one of our other foster children, Joey. We have permission from his family to post about him. He is living with his brother and grandparents and we are all very close.

I used graham crumbs for the sand and colored coconut for the water. It took me two tries to make the head as the 1st on got over cooked.

Joey's 1st birthday
Turtle cake
(August 2008)