Friday, August 6, 2010

Next Week's Menu

This last week went okay, but the sausage roll didn't make it. I was exhausted and sore so my lovely husband improvised a ground pork & pasta for himself and the children. Since I am bound and determined to go to the farmer's market today, I have already planned for next week. So here it is:

Menu for the week of: August 8-14

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Eggs Florentine on English Muffins
Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Panini
Wednesday: Pan Fried Tilapia w/Lemon Butter Sauce
Thursday: Beef Chow Mien
Friday: Pulled Pork in a Root Beer BBQ Sauce
Saturday: Leftovers

Keep my fingers crossed this up coming week goes better than the last half of the current one. Who knows maybe this baby will come early and none of this will matter. Since my children are loosing their minds today and my hubby really needs to sleep some or he'll lose his mind, I'd better go and let God fill me up so I can handle what my children need of me. Fridays are so hard.