Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are They All Yours?

So with Maggie in the sling and the toddlers strapped into the double stroller, I grabbed Owen's hand and we entered the Kids Festival at the Forks. This was an interesting outing for me and the 4 children. It was crowded and HOT, but we were together and we had fun!

I am always amazed at the looks I get while out, on my own, with all my children. Without a doubt I hear "Wow, you have your hands full.", "Now that's a busy Mom." or "Are they all yours?". Granted the last one is somewhat fair because we do foster a cute little boy, so there is a chance that I could be just a part-time caregiver to at least one. However, my answer is always... "Some days are tough, but they are great children.", "There is certainly no time to be lazy." and "Yes, they are all my little ones."

I think it's something that happens to all mothers of more than two children, yet I wonder if I will ever get used to these comments? They are almost always well intended, but the truth is I don't FEEL busy, or that my hands are too full. On the contrary I feel content and purposeful. I know that every day I am fulfilling God's plan in my life. Not all days are a cake walk and I do loose it from time to time. I don't always feel like the "right one to do the job", but each day is new hope, love and after a cup of coffee, energy.

As a youth, I hated having a full house. My mother always had someone over. I used to think it was because she couldn't handle being alone, but I think now it was more that, in having people and children in her life, it brought her joy and a purpose that so many others just don't have the heart for. I know there were days, weeks or even months when this would drain my Mom and bring her down, but ultimately she was happy being with and serving others. After many years of denial, I have come to accept that I too have this calling. It is not an easy one, but it really is amazing to know that I am investing in the lives of people.

What an honor it is to know that God trusts me enough to give me the lives of these children to love and mold into great adults. Granted it's only with His divine wisdom I can actually achieve any of this, so when the day is done I rest peacefully in the knowledge that I have done my best!