Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bringing in the Harvest

Here are some more photos of one day in harvest.

Kale: 6 heads of kale are now washed & frozen.

Tomatoes: These are peeled & frozen, however I did manage to get at least twice as much more before the end. Half are still green. I really have enjoyed the yellow variety. We managed to collect about 3L pail of grape/cherry tomatoes as well.

Ancho Chillies: I had only 5-6 grow from the 3 plants. I just didn't water enough. I dried these and put them in jars to add to sauces, chillies and more recently cupcakes.
Tobassco Peppers: about 8 of these, from two plants. Now dried & waiting.

Caribbean Habanero: 1 plant provided only these two little peppers.
Yellow Peppers: I am not a fan of green. Since pregnancy I just lost the taste for these because they just give me heartburn. Yellow, red & orange are still okay though. Due to the lack of water, I only got maybe 5, from 2 plants. 3 plants never did bear fruit.
Cucumbers: I just planted one row of slicers and we slowly got about 10-12 throughout the summer.
Beets: We managed to harvest about 8-3" round purple beets and 6-3"round golden beets and a handful of smaller ones.

Carrots (purple & orange): This is a pretty huge bowl, but once the stems are removed (some saved for stock & juicing) we have about 3L pails full. We still have a few in the fridge, in some water.

Pumpkins: We still have them outside, but at long last they are orange. I took 3 large pumpkins off the vine in September to "ripen". I am hoping the snow this morning did not ruin them.

Herbs: I have brought these in for winter. I haven't had much luck bringing these in for winter, but I will keep trying.

So this is the update. I had so much fun. I look forward to spring, when we can start planting the seeds indoors. Until then...