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I Know What I Did This Summer... Or Do I?

I think this summer was one of the best I've had in a long while. We had great weather with no bugs, so we spent a lot of time outside.

So after we planted our garden, we let the events begin. We had the Maggie's Walk Bowling Social and much fun was had by all. I can't believe this is my 6 year old boy having a blast with the big girls Megan and Candace.
Later in June Graeme turned 3 and we had his party at Kildonan Park. We went to a total of 3 birthday parties and one family event at this park this year.

It's a great park! Not too big, but with the right amount of family fun things to do.

The Red River Ex was pretty fun with all the children and Megan (my neighbor). I really must remember to not eat the corn dogs. That's two years in a row now that after eating this midway treat it renders me unable to go on any more rides. That really sucked for Megan because she lost her ride buddy. I tried anyway and wound up getting a migraine. At least the children had fun.

Graeme was the BEST! He and Dino could have rode all night. My favorite for them was the cars that whipped them around the corner. Every time they came around they would scream with delight at the top of their lungs. Too funny! Can't wait for next year. They will all get wrist bands and be able to go on so many more rides. Not a great day for Maggie though. Not much for a baby to do.

We stayed pretty late and the kids got baked. Baked enough that Deryk took them home so Megs & I could have more fun (pre corn dog incident). We made up a new game. Instead of punch-buggy, we came up with punch-holli. Whenever you see someone in a Hollister shirt you punched the other person. I think I still have the bruises. Seriously people get some original clothing! Has anyone heard of a thrift store?

Swimming, swimming and more swimming. We tried many different places this summer. More than I have pictures posted here. The most fun for me was actually at Lilac Resort. It was a great day spent with the children and their grandparents. There is just so much for them to do there. Get there early because it fills up fast!

We would love to go there to do some actual camping next year. It's close to the city and has all the comforts of a water park.
We live close to a park with a wading pool. I didn't bother trying to take all the children on my own. Someone would have drowned for sure! I tried last year when I was pregnant with Maggie and Dino & Graeme kept getting pushed over. Dino would go in face first and not even notice. Who do I save? Dino or Graeme. Go for Dino... he's too light to pick himself up.

Thanks to Megan & Deryk the children got to go out for a swim in safety.
What an intense little boy Graeme is. He plays so hard and makes no appologies for being his genuine self. Even if it sounds rude to those around him. Trust me this gets him into hot water a lot.

And then there's Owen... His sweet smile can warm the coldest of hearts. He tries very hard to be the best he can and to include everyone. What great men I think they will become.

So that no one would miss out on the fun, Auntie & Uncle got the children a wading pool that lasted only a week before getting a leak. Not the pool's fault, I just have three rough boys. Duct tape to the rescue! After many patches this summer, this pool made it to the end with much fun had by ALL. Hmmm, did Deryk make it in there? You know, I don't think he did...

Graeme refused to wear a bathing suit. I figured that since he was only 3 I would let it slide, but next year is no suit, no swim!

Maggie was just a fish out of water. Must have been those many months I spent in my mother's pool while pregnant with her. So when the boys got too crazy, I pulled out the baby bath. She was as happy as could be.

Another one of our favorite swim spots was at Grandma Barb's. We would go out for the day or even spend the night. The boys love to play and camp in the parked motor home. They act as though it was built just for them and "drive" around all over the world.

The Zoo wasn't as fun as I would have liked. Many of the exhibits were closed due to renovations. The flower garden and butterflies were pretty neat though.

The best thing at the park was the Nature Park. You really need to keep an eye on these children though. We "lost" Dino for a solid 20 minutes one day. I was so scared! Any of the other children would freak out if someone tried to take them, but I don't know that Dino would. We got to work on that!

An oldie, but a goodie... just go to the park. There are so many in our area. This is often a Daddy thing to do with the children. Wear them out in time to get them into bath and bed!
And on the off days of summer (few as they were), we acted like rock stars in the living room. Rocking out to kids worship on YouTube. "Jesus You're My Super Hero..."

We continue this into the fall as part of our morning routine. 9 am worship via YouTube. Myself and all 4 children rock out in the living room, setting the tone for the day ahead. Try it, it's pretty fun and it really makes the day better.

This was just a small glimpse of all that we did this summer. What a great time had by all!

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