Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Birthdays Means More Cakes

Starting in May, we have Dino's Tool Box Cake. My 1st attempt at fondant. It was a hot humid day and I did not have much luck keeping the fondant from tearing on me. It looked pretty good in the end, but I still haven't used fondant again.

We just used toy tools instead of making them from rice krispies. I just don't have the time for that one!

June brings Graeme's infamous Broccoli Cake. The cake itself was chocolate and vanilla in parts, but creating this cake to look like broccoli was so much fun. Graeme loves broccoli and even more when it's made of chocolate!

It took many hours, freezing the cake was a huge help. As the icing was put on it would harden and would then be easier to smooth with my fingers. Freezing in between icing, would assist me in adding new layers of color as needed.

The broccoli flower was textured with a kabob stick, then dusted lightly with neon green icing sugar to help create a highlight.

August bought on Joey's Hot Wheels Cake. This was truly a team effort between Deryk and I. We bought some colored fondant and left the flames and lights up to him.

He asked for carrot cake, so I made a yummy carrot, beet cake for him, though the wheels were vanilla.

From back to front, this one turned out really well!

Baby girl turns one in September! This Pretty Pants Cake, was my 1st girly cake. It was fun and much easier than the boys more complicated ones.

A classic carrot cake covered in purple icing to make it look like jeans. We didn't freeze this one though, but it iced okay.