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This is what I know for sure

I know I love my Husband
The thought of him still makes my heart flutter a bit. Even typing this brings a smile to my face. He is gentle, kind, thoughtful and strong. He's the one God chose for me and that's all I need to know in the tough times.

I know I love my children
These things all seem obvious, but the truth is it's not so easy being a loving parent all the time. I am weak and selfish and hurtful at times. I don't always think about what I say to them before I speak, but I know that when I look into their sweet faces as they sleep that God has blessed me beyond measure by "loaning" them to me. Ultimately, they are His and not mine and I cherish everything they are to me.

I know I am creative
With so many ideas in my brain there is never a shortage of creativity. Each of us are creative in our own ways. It could be for making food, party plans, crafty stuff, even fixing a toilet (all of which I love) we are using our creativity. If God created us in His image, then we too must be creative. After all, look at how amazing His creations are; the galaxy, all the fish in the sea, how each species works to create an amazing eco-system. It's all creativity and that is in each of us.

I know that I am important
With so many things going on in this world, it is easy to feel small or unimportant. But that would be a lie. Just like the worms are important to the birds, I am important to this world. Each of us has a part to play in this great master plan. Many people wonder what is this master plan. Allow me to let you in on the big secret in case you don't already know... to glorify God and have a relationship with Him. I am important because everything God makes is for a GOOD reason and he NEVER makes mistakes.

I know that I am loved
So many people have come and gone in my life and each one of them has and is still having an impact on my life. My parents are probably the most impacting. Both of them are very strong individuals in their own way. My mother is always able to hold her head high and laugh in the face of the most difficult situations. She taught me to take each day as it comes and sometimes each minute. Do what you can and then try to do a bit more. It makes you feel good when you accomplish just that little bit more than you thought you could. My father is wise and thinks things through, looking at the larger picture. Think carefully and plan smart, most of all, don't paint yourself into a corner. God always provides a way out; it's just not always the most comfortable route to take. He has always been very resourceful (also like my mother) in such a way that people think he's just lucky. The truth is, he has the grace of God on him. What a good combination to grow up under. They both feel very deeply for me and show me that often in their own ways.

My children look at me with the dearest of emotions I have ever seen. It's a love that is indescribable. I have grandparents who pray for me and my family daily. My mother-in-law is one of the most genuinely sweet women I know. Her heart is huge, always willing to give of herself to me any time I ask. That brings me more comfort than most would ever know. There are so many friends and extended family members who reach out their loving arms by being a listening ear or a helping hand. Those from our church body show me so much love by keeping me in their thoughts and prayers. What greater love is there than to know that people who might not know me personally are willing to set aside time to hold me up in prayer. To think that God loves me even more than this. Oh, yes, I know I am loved!

Most of all, I know I love my God 
I'm sure it's obvious by now, but to truly love God isn't always as easy as some make it out to be. You see I was born selfish and a sinner and I will often put myself above the desires of my God. I will shut out his voice with my busyness or stubbornness. I don't always want to learn more about Him or talk to Him. Often I think that I know what's best for me and decide thing before checking to see if it's a good idea or not. I don't know everything but this is what I do know for sure.

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