Saturday, December 31, 2011

Catching Up and Moving Forward

Lentil Loaf
This recipe would make for a great stuffing. I would also add more vegetables like grated carrot, zucchini and spinach.
Spaghetti Pizza
This one was pretty tasty, but the recipe vas almost completely void of vegetables. We added olives and a side salad, but you really could top it with any regular topping you wish.

Molé Pork with Coconut Mango Rice
We did a bit of substituting on this one because of the ingredients we had on hand. I have made a molé chicken before but this recipe was way better. I also made it using my slow cooker rather than letting it simmer for over 2 hours on the stove. 4-6 hours in the crock pot worked great. I did add more water at some point.
This was Jesus' Birthday Cake. I make all our children special birthday cakes, so I thought what a great way to remind us all what we are really celebrating at Christmas. Here is what all the layers and decorations symbolize:

This week I am planning some French Onion Soup. The stock is simmered and ready to go. I am so excited. My husband has also picked my theme ingredient for January. It was too tough for me to decide. It was down to Lychee Fruit or Quinoa...

             And the winner is....

Heather Nolan "wins". I think I'm gonna have to think us some real prizes. Maybe a dinner made, by me, using the theme ingredient???

I found a good site that I think I will draw most of my ideas from this month: Cooking Quinoa Check it out and keep checking in to see what we come up with!