Friday, December 23, 2011

How To: Make Perogies

First of all, Merry Christmas! I am getting so excited for Christmas morning with the children. I think that making the perogies yesterday and staying up until 2am wrapping really got the excitement flowing.

This was my very first attempt at video blogging. It was more fun that I thought and I think I might do this again sometime. It's hard to teach someone to make perigees in under 15 minutes when it takes at least 2 hours to make. After cutting out my intro... I did it! So here it is.

Here is my recipe (or my best estimation at this point). To make approximately 48 perogies

12 potatoes, peeled, boiled and mashed
6 strips of nice bacon, chopped small, cooked
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, grated
1 small onion, grated or finely chopped (cook with bacon)

Cook all and mix together well. Cool before handling.

5-6 cups whole wheat flour (or half & half with white)
500 ml sour cream (14%)
3-4 tbsp olive oil (if you use only white flour you don't need oil)