Monday, December 5, 2011

This Week's Meal Plan Plus

First of all here's a photo and recipe link from the lentil dish from last week's menu. We added turkey sausage to round out the meal as a main dish. My husband and I really liked it, but the children weren't feeling the lentil love. It was an off day for us though, so I wouldn't write it off. We'll try again with another recipe this week, as seen below.
Honey Baked Lentils with Turkey Sausage
These are all new recipes this week and I am excited! A couple recipes are from my favourite Canadian chef's website; Chef Michael Smith. I started following his Chef at Home series years ago before Food Network came into my life. I can't believe it took me this long to look him up on-line. Check it out He makes simple home food that tastes great!

As usual these are in no particular order:

African Chicken Stew (served over brown basmati rice)
I plan on making this for two families. It seems an easy one to make a large batch of and like many stews, I'm certain it will get better the longer it cooks.
Smash Burgers with Wasabi Potato Wedges
For the wasabi potato wedges, I plan on just mixing some wasabi paste with olive oil salt & pepper and roasting in the oven like any other wedge.
Red Lentil Curry (served over brown basmati rice with Chapati Bread)
Last week, I visited a friend who lived most of her life in India and I was inspired to bring curry (which my children love) and lentils together. She also said that chapati bread was pretty easy to make so I looked it up. I'll give it a try.
Spinach and Beef Enchiladas
I don't have spinach on hand, so I will replace it with the beet greens I have stored in the freezer from the garden this summer. Beet greens can be a bit more bitter, but if mixed in things I don't think it will matter too much.
Fish Stew with Anchovy Toast
This will be my 1st time tasting and using anchovies (that I am aware of anyway), but I expect I'll like them. I will make sure to make plain garlic toast for the children just in case.

I am also amazed at how inexpensive this menu really is. I will be making the bread & buns from scratch, but all these ingredients cost less than an estimated $150. There is no reason healthy eating can't be for all income levels if you plan ahead.

Happy eating... pray all goes well for us this week as we try new things.