Monday, February 6, 2012

My Grainless Muffin Adventure

This was an interesting week to say the least. Seeing a TV commercial with burgers and fries would send me into a bit of a pout-a-thon. By Friday I was pretty cranky. I knew I had to make some grain-free bread products fast. It's amazing to me how we can trick out minds. It's only a few days later and I can say that seeing those commercials don't bother me anymore. It surprised me on Sunday when I was in the nursery at church and there were a few Tim Bits there and I didn't even want them. Out of habit I took a look, but turned away without a care. It wasn't until a few moments later that I realized what I had done. I was pretty proud of myself.

Here are some more photos and recipes from last week. I had a pretty epic fail making muffins. The second try was much better.
Grainless Pumpkin Muffins: Epic Fail, Fail and Success!
I had accidentally used the coconut flour when the recipe called for almond flour. Even after adding some cream, these muffins just weren't going to work. Since I still had some "batter" I figured I should try something to redeem them.

Thinking the mixture might work better with more liquid and an egg, I tried a few like that. No good, still too dry. Maybe if I had added more pumpkin it might have been better, but they were too dense and too dry. I'm not much of a baker really, so improvising is not too easy for me.

My third attempt was to follow the recipe much more carefully. Not like it was hard anyway. No trying to help my eldest son on the computer. Just straight baking, no interruptions. This was a hit. They are dense and filling. The original recipe called for liquid stevia extract, which we don't have and aren't big fans of anyway. We prefer to use Xylitol; so I used a teaspoon of that. That was not enough. I would need to use at least a tablespoon or more. The children liked them and with some butter they were good, just not sweet.

I do have more to post, but I will make it a new one. I want to try to keep these a bit shorter if I can. I like to talk so this is hard for me. I have some great keepers coming up so stay tuned.