Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Planning 2012

I know I had ALL winter to plan this out, but it wasn't until our weather hit a record 28˚ on March 18th that I really felt inspired (the normal temp is 10˚). Last year was our 1st try at planting in our small, urban front yard (22'x12'). I had received a book on square foot gardening from my mother in early spring last year and quickly developed my plan. It was a lot of work initially, but now that our grass is converted into very healthy dirt we are pretty much ready to go this year. I thought it might be neat to blog this year's journey starting from the space we have to work with.

Each "plot" is 2'x2'. The grey is the pathways.

I'm sure if I moved things around I could squeeze in a few more plots, but this way I know that I can easily reach in to do any weeding. Besides I can also sneak in a few more vegetables in between the flowers and shrubs. Some things I will keep the same as last year, but others I will definitely change. I doubt I'll be growing broccoli or the "fancy" lettuce or as many cherry tomatoes. I am trying to keep in mind the "dirty dozen" fruits and veggies. These are the ones that benefit most from being purchased organically to help reduce our exposure to chemicals up to 80%. I look forward to trying out a few vegetables I haven't grown before; cauliflower for sure (we use up to 3 heads a week these days).

Here's my hope for the front garden so far: kale, red pepper, sorrel, zucchini, cucumber, cauliflower, butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, garlic, potatoes, snow peas, carrots, beets and some tomatoes.