Friday, March 2, 2012

Life: Post 30-Day Challenge

So here we are after 30 days of grain-free, sugar-free eating and I find myself at the cross-roads. On one hand it's hard to think that it has already been 30 days, on the other it was hard, very hard at times. For Deryk (my husband) it was not having sugar or bread or worse yet cereal or granola bars. For me it was learning how to cook with almond flour, coconut flour and chickpea flour. Spending a lot more time looking up recipes than I would normally was also a bit of a frustration. The bulk of that frustration was then having to actually follow the recipes I found.

For years now I have been able to just look at a photo and glance at the ingredients and make wonderful meals just happen. I am creative, quick and clean in my kitchen (for the most part), but having to follow a recipe has really messed up my rhythm and the cleanliness of my kitchen. While I am not there just yet, I know that I can re-learn cooking with these new ingredients. I just need more time and a lot more practice. It helps to remind myself that there was a time (more than 15 years ago now) that I didn't know how to make anything that didn't come with instructions printed on the package. For this reason (as well as the major health benefits), I think it's worth continuing to use grain-free and sugar-free as much as possible.

I look forward to adding some more fruit and vegetables back into my diet that were higher in sugar. I won't be adding pasta, potatoes or rice at this point, but a banana, apple or carrot is certainly something I will eat. I have had the odd slice of bread or today I ate an english muffin. I will definitely watch this and be sure to not eat any of this past lunch time. What I really need to focus most on right now is getting the 1st meal of the day in earlier though. This business of eating a piece of fruit and then nothing until lunch (a really late lunch) is not good no matter what diet you are following.

So here are my stats thus far:

  • Beginning weight: 157lbs (been stuck there since having kids)
  • Current weight: 150lbs
  • I am still pretty tired through the day (probably the not eating early or often enough)
  • Fewer junk cravings overall
  • My sleep is more sound overall
Upcoming Goals:
  • Eat more regularly
  • Add more physical activity (specifically Burst Training)
  • Conquer the non-grain flours and get back to my creative, improv cooking

So, which road will I be taking? The harder one of course, because if there's not a challenge in it, why do it at all? I know that we will be healthier in the end and I will learn so much along the way. Stay tuned in for more recipes (if that's your thing).