Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Photo Journal

Our Long Weekend in The Pas, Manitoba

Most of these were taken out at Barbe Lake; a source for some really amazing Rainbow Trout. Though I am not much of a fisher, I do enjoy the process a lot. It is relaxing and simply a great time to sit back and enjoy God's fine creation. 

Let's face it, there's nothing much better than grilled, fresh fish after a day of peace and relaxation. This trip our son Owen almost caught a beautiful trout. With a little more practice he could become a pretty good angler. Sadly it snapped the line before he could reel it in. Next time...

Poppy plant beginning to open.

Tenacious tulips peeking in on playing children.

Canadian Primrose flowers peeking through cold rocky soil.

Reeds, washed up on shore like a border.
Water, Reeds, Rocks.

Man/child-made bowl of rocks.

I think this is a young bird called a Yellowleg.

A lake FILLED with Rainbow Trout. YUM!

I often am fascinated by the ways rocks take shape.

Canoe "hidden" for future water adventures.

Many massive ant hills.

At least 2 feet in width and  12-18 inches high.

Used to play with these plants as a child.

I could watch water lapping at my feet for hours.

Love in solid rock formation.

Hard to see it here, but there's a really neat ray of light shining down.
It was good to get outdoors. Back to my roots. Brought back many memories of my youth; time spent with my friends, my family but most importantly my God. Nothing more rejuvenating than getting back to the basics.