Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boy's 4th Birthday Celebration

I know it's been a really long time since I posted on my blog. Sorry, we are VERY busy trying to get our home ready to sell. I did however, take the time to honour our two special four year olds by baking and creating of one of the largest cakes made thus far... The Superhero Tower!  Dino likes Batman and Superman and Graeme likes anything green, so obviously Green Lantern and the Hulk for him. Our foster boy (Dino) and our natural son are only 6 weeks apart, but they both LOVE superheroes. This was the 1st time we combined their parties so we made a big deal of it for them.

While these are not completely sugar & grain-free, I did my best to make them as healthy as possible. Made with whole wheat flour, xylitol and raw organic chocolate, they would at the very least not send anyone into an insulin resistant shock (providing you removed the fondant prior to eating). One day I will find the time and a way to do it all, but until then this is the best I can do. The bottom layer is 16" in diameter and three layers high (about 3" high), the we have 12" and finally 6". We still have cake left over and it's almost been a week. Granted we are NOT big cake eaters. Anyway, here are some photos...

Rice Krispie Hulk Fist (kind of looks like broccoli)

In case you don't already know... If you're making marshmallow fondant and you don't work in enough icing sugar, but rather let is sit for a bit, it will firm up and it will NOT work well for you. It begins to look all slimy and VERY hard to roll. I was so exhausted after an insanely busy week that by some point I just didn't care and wanted to get it DONE! So the blue & green look bumpy and like stretchy marshmallow because it is.

With the Superhero theme in mind we decided that it might be nice for the children to all get to design their own capes. For 14 children, I bought about $40 worth of supplies and cut out the bases (in black felt) and only had to sew on velcro. I got the idea from Pinterest and with the help of Jolly Mom I think we created something the boys might remember as their BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! We used fabric glue & spray adhesive to adhere their own symbol design and off they went to save the day. I think they had fun and then all the children got to take home their capes (instead of a crazy goodie bag full of undesirable sugary treats).

All in all it was a beautiful day with our friends and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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