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Excerpts of Hilarity

I realize that having two 4 year old is sometimes just one of the most hilarious things in my life (also sometimes the most difficult, but whose paying attention to that). Thought I might share some of the good things that get me through it all.

Our family (Dino 4, Grem 4, MJ almost 2, Mom & Dad) are sitting around the dinner table. Having just given thanks we are all beginning to eat when Grem pipes up in a rather serious tone and begins to inform Dino that his parents are live very far away (they do, we foster Dino). Okay nothing new, we talk to all the children openly about Dino's family and somewhat regularly. Then he proceeds to inform Dino that they just live on "another earth far, far away; actually on a another planet.". At this point we might be tempted to stop the conversation and correct Grem's oversight in just HOW far Dino's family really lives, but for some curious reason we let this conversation keep going un-interupted. So, Grem again gets rather serious and looks at his brother Dino and says, "It's okay, it's okay Dino, because they just live on another planet, but it's okay." He seemed so genuinely concerned that Dino understand that it's really okay that they are from another planet because he was here with us.

Who couldn't love a face like that?
Funny thing was that Dino didn't really disagree, but rather agreed that his family lived very far away. That's when my husband leans over to Dino and says, "Dino, if Grem ever tells you that you're from another planet or that you're really an alien, you can just ignore him; it's not true." Naturally, I inform the children that Dino's family in fact are not from another planet. That they do live on earth, with the rest of us, but that yes, they do live very far away. That's one of the reasons it's so hard for them to come visit, but that he is so very loved by them and that he is safe and loved here with us. Dino, just nods, smiles his goofy grin and gets back to eating, pretty much un-phased by the odd conversation. I was waiting for Grem to actually pipe up and start telling Dino that he was an alien creature from another planet, but I don't think he is really aware of this line of thinking just yet. After all I had my brother thinking he was really an alien and that if he scrubbed too hard in the bath the paint on his skin would come off to reveal his green skin and then they would have to take him back to the ship to fix him. i think he was scared to have a bathe after that for a bit, but we (I think my Mom got in on the fun at some point) kept it going for quite a while. He was 4 as well, but much more gullible than our children at this point. Good times!

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