Monday, December 10, 2012

Fighting Fatigue Naturally: Exercise

Seriously time to move my lazy butt!

I HATE exercising. There I said it. I love the endorphin rush after a great workout, but I don't like to get started. This might just be the biggest of all the challenges for me. The best time will be in the morning, but I don't wanna!!!! Here's the best advice I can give myself here because ultimately it's just the way it is... SUCK IT UP! The only other option I have is to live a long winter tired and cranky. I'm not talking about running a marathon here (besides that isn't very healthy for a body anyway). I mean even 15-20 minutes of burst training or "dance therapy". Just something to help wake up my mind and body. Here are some things that have peeked my interest of late.

Have Wall Get Fit...

Found these on Pinterest. They look like a challenge that I might be able to conquer. That's always one way to get me motivated; tell me that I can't do it and I will or I'll die trying! We'll see.

There are loads of ideas out there, just google the one that works for you right? What exercises do you use? What has worked and what was a bomb. I'd really like to know.


I have a friend who says the Tracy Anderson Method has given her the best results in a very long time time. And I can tell you, she does look great (though I think she would look great regardless). A dancer and mother of four I could see how this program might appeal to her. I have my doubts that this "menno" white girl could dance her way to fitness, but if Gwenyth uses her then it must be worth it right?

These disks are expensive so... let's see what YouTube has on it first shall we? I found this... Instructional video that if you continue on goes through a few more of the workouts. I'll tell ya, the practicing steps and warm up works for me. My biggest shortfall with this type of workout is my own perfectionism. If I can't get it perfect I usually trash the whole thing. Dancing doesn't come natural to me. Oh, by the way she's gorgeous, so just get over that part right now.

Getting Intimate

Still ladies (and I mean ladies here, so guys you might wanna just skip reading this one) the best workout and the ones that are best for our mind and body should be done with our husbands, alone and uninterrupted.  Sex burns like 200 calories, reduces pain, increases estrogen (for women) and reduces prostate cancer (for men obviously). Studies have shown that one "dose" of semen contains just as much vitamin C as an orange (not suggesting you drink it, our bodies can absorb it just fine the traditional way). Talk about fighting off colds this winter though. Never mind that married couples who keep up a healthy intimate life will be more relaxed and have far less incidents of depression. So there you go married ladies just don't forget to stretch.