Monday, August 26, 2013

Camping Stepped Up a Notch

My whole life, the only kind of camping I had done was in a tent. As a child it was a great big cabin style tent with a room divider. As a youth it was a more light-weight tent designed for housing a few of us girls and it had to be light enough to be carried with a canoe and all our food over at least one portage. As a young married woman, my husband and I started out with a simple pop-up style tent that we most likely borrowed from someone. After we had a child we began to search out a tent to keep us a bit more comfortable. We saw it as a bit of an investment, but the modernized cabin style tent had features like a screened in gazebo, divided room and a ceiling light with remote control; handy when you're camping among many other tents so you can find your own or if need a nightlight for your child!

Now, nearly 11 years into our marriage and 4 children later we need another upgrade. The search for our next upgrade took nearly 3 years but we were finally faced with a deal no-one could refuse. We found a 1977 Bonair Tent Trailer with two double beds, fridge, stove, heater, table and side bench/bed. She needs a bit of TLC but we think we can make it work.
We took her on our first trip this summer with only a few minor repairs before taking off. Bearings, roof sealing and repairing some corners where the wood was exposed. We stayed comfortable, warm and most of all dry (only one leak, but minor). No more packing up a wet tent! That was worth it big time. So here are our before photos. Stay tuned for updates (might take a while, but we'll get there).

If you have pointers... we could use them!