Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Beginner's Guide to Oily Terms

When I first began my research into the world of essential oils I often felt like I had moved to another country and people were speaking a whole new language. Each oil company had their own dialect to boot! Here were some that, in the beginning, I needed to properly define before I could really understand the basics of this new world I was entering. Hope it helps you as well.

This is when companies mix pure essential oils with a base oil - thereby watering down the essential oil - but then still sell the 'watered down' oil as 100% pure essential oil. NOTE: to legally label an oil as 100% PURE, it's only required to contain 5% of a 100% pure oil.

Aromatic Application:
1. Inhale the oil directly from the bottle, rub a drop or two on your hands and cup your nose.
2. Diffuse the oils with a diffuser which disperses the oils in a micro-fine vapor throughout the air. A diffuser does not heat the oils which can damage their therapeutic properties.
3. Breathe in steamy vapors deeply by carefully pouring hot water into a glass bowl, adding in a couple drops of essential oils, and covering the bowl in a tent like fashion with a cloth or towel.

A vegetable based, pill-like capsule that you can pull apart, add essential oils to use for internal consumption.

Carrier Oil:
An oil which is used to dilute essential oils for the purpose of massage, such as Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil or Almond Oil.
Dew Drop Diffuser

A special air pump designed to distribute essential oils into the air via a micro-fine vapor to reduce airborne infectious pathogens, fungus, mold and freshen the air with natural fragrances. Essential oils are more easily absorbed into the body through this process.

Essential Oil (EO):
The essence extracted from flowers, plants, herbs, leaves, fruits, woods and gums by steam distillation or other methods of extraction.

Essential Rewards (ER): 
An “optional” monthly autoship program for wholesale members. When enrolled in Essential Rewards you get awesome perks like REDUCED SHIPPING plus you EARN POINTS to use on future purchases.

Fractionated Oils:
Refers to oils that have been re-distilled, either to have terpenes removed or to remove other substances.

Generally Recognized as Safe for ingestion.

"Hot" Oils:
Oils such as oregano, cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus, mountain savory, lemon, and orange… or blends like Thieves, PanAway, Releive It, and Exodus II should be stored away from children. These are also the types of oils that should be diluted for both children and adults.

Internal Use (or ingestion):

Because Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade, many of them can be used internally or taken orally as a dietary supplement.  ALWAYS read the bottle to see if a specific oil is safe for internal use.  NEVER use a lesser-quality brand of oil internally (the bottle of another brand usually says “Not for internal use!”).

Lymphatic System:
Consists of lymph nodes linked by lymph vessels that carry the lymph fluid around the body. This system collects waste from the tissues, returning it to the blood after it has been purified.

A method of applying oils without dilution.

Oils that should not be used on your skin before exposure to direct sunlight or UV rays.  Using a photosensitive oil prior to sunlight or UV exposure could lead to pigmentation changes or rashes or cause your skin to burn.  Check the directions on each oil before using.

Raindrop Technique
Personal Volume (PV):
Points you earn while enrolled in Essential Rewards (ER). Points can be redeemed for free product.

Raindrop Technique:
A method of dropping oils directly onto the spine from about six inches above the body. The oils are then worked into the spine using light strokes with the fingers, which stimulate energy impulses and disperse the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. 

Any of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants, especially conifers and citrus trees. They are based on a cyclic molecule having the formula C10H16.

*There's a lot of science stuff that I am only now beginning to sink my teeth into about oils. Right now it's about as clear as mud!

Topical Application:
The method of applying oils directly to our skin. Essential Oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin. It takes only seconds to get them into our blood stream.

Points on hands, feet, spine and ears that relate to organ systems and activate their reflex.  It’s the same electrical pathways in the body that accupressure and accupuncture work with.

If you're interested in learning more about Essential Oils and how to purchase high quality therapeutic grade oils, leave a comment and I will be glad to help you out. You can also click here to get started.