Friday, September 11, 2015

Crayon Making

Our little princess will be turning 5 shortly (I know where did the time go?) and so part of having a birthday is the party planning. Since we are a family who LOVES the re-gift, you can only imagine how we might feel about "goodie bags". We are always open to new ideas to thank our wonderful guests for coming without sending them home with heaps of sugar laden treats or highly fragile dollar store toys. We love our friends and want to honor them without breaking the bank.

Here is one of our ideas. Re-melting crayons into new, cute shaped molds. Unless you know it can be baked, I recommend melting in a pot on the stove (found out the hard way).

Here's a neat idea, re-use your empty glue stick containers and pour in melted crayon wax. Great for toddlers.

We had owl and flower shaped ice cube trays (not oven friendly) and Lego shaped (oven safe) molds. We also have one of those Crayola Crayon Makers (a gift) that is a neat idea, but a slow going process, but it comes with a crayon shaped mold that is easy enough to use on its own.

For added special-ness (a word only used by the sweetest of little girls) we added a few drops of Essential Oils  so the user can enjoy the fragrance while they doodle.

We plan to make copies of some doodle pages, buntings made by my friend over at and some home made cookies to go in our gift bags. What are some of your favorite "goodie bag" ideas?

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