Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer In Review

We live just north of the 53rd Parallel in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. This summer wasn't quite as adventurous as we might normally hope for (having a wee baby to pack along is tough at times) but here is a little photo journal of our favorite times.

On the path to the "Caves" we search out secret places where tiny Fairies, Elves or Gnomes might be hiding from the giant intruders stopping through their tiny world.
Hidden Treasures
The Caves are more like Glacial Crevasses, either way, the children had a blast exploring the lush, moss covered rock openings. Climbing and squeezing into the dark unknown. The boys could have stayed all day!
Young Explorers
We didn't get nearly enough camping in for my liking, but we were blessed to enjoy the last weekend of the season at Pioneer Bay Campground, Clearwater Lake, The Pas, MB. Thanks to a wonderful friend we were blessed to the use of their seasonal site and camper. It was a cool drizzly evening that didn't slow any of us down. Just light up the fire and watch the older children run around "hunting moose" with their handcrafted spears. Staying up late to hide out in the dark, howling to find one another. Papa was worried they might get hurt, however this Mama was too excited to have her children getting along.
Little Warriors
Can you believe that this is where I call home? Only a short drive from my back door, this campground beach feels like a tropical getaway even on a cool evening. So peaceful.
Clearwater Lake, The Pas, MB
Stopped to take a peek at this lonely dandelion in the light of the beautiful sunset. A lovely end to our summer. Still bracing myself for this fall and the cool it brings.
Taking a Moment